What is Cabler?

Cabler is an open cable and drum management system, a service for the electricity industry. Cabler consists of a mobile and a web application.

The service is based on the unique identification of drums using QR codes, allowing easy and effortless drum tracking and cable coordination. In this way, Cabler streamlines logistics, facilitates project management on work site  and optimises drum returns.


Cabler Mobile app

The Cabler mobile app is an easy-to-use application for work sites that allows you to track the location of cables and drums in real time.

  • Identify drums individually
  • Allocate drums per site
  • Easy documentation of drums and cables
  • Save the location data of drums

Why to use Cabler?

The open Cabler system facilitates the entire infrastructure construction industry and digitalises the way the industry works.

With drum location data, projects can be efficiently optimised, saving time, materials and the environment.

With its easy-to-use system, Cabler serves the needs of both those working in sites and in project management.

Cabler Web app

The Cabler web application helps you keep the big picture of your project under control. From the application you can view drum history and Cabler drum refund decisions.

  • Allocate drums by project and work sites
  • Track your drums from one place
  • Digital drum return

Cabler and you know where your drums are at all times

Identify your drum by scanning a QR code or manually entering the drum number in the system and your drum will appear on the map. This uses your phone’s location data to locate the drum.

Try Cabler for free for one month!

Contact us and you’ll soon have Cabler Premium. Take your time to try it out and if you decide to subscribe to Cabler Premium, your use will continue without any downtime after the trial period.

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